As an #Introvert


I love getting lost in my #thoughts, a #world so familiar that I can float in. But as the joy begins an alarm warns me “Is that really ok?” I remember my #childhood very well. I mean 5 years before entering school. It was amazing! I was always on my own playing in a big yard. The whole world around me would come to life in a moment as in my #mind with no concerns about any wrong or right.

I love keeping my distance from the world around and it’s always like I’m observing it from one side or above. I’ve always been concerned about #universal issues and looking for reasons, goals and meanings. I love to get #lost in my world freely again. But as I grow #older, I get more uneasy about it. I even think it’s had bad effects on my #artistic life. I don’t find myself #creating much anymore, though I still enjoy it a lot. I can’t even focus on my paper which makes it take much longer and makes everything worse!

Aukh! Why can’t I enjoy floating in inner world of mind anymore?!

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