Today for my niece and nephew is the day I had 15 years ago. The departure day… Though I never got to the gate! It was my dream to study abroad and I was always fascinated about the vast educational opportunities (I am kind of a girl excited about books, you should know) I could just imagine myself what I would do getting lost in all those information and books, great art teachers with fine point of views and big studios beside me in that age full of energy and creativity! And after all working and living what you are where there is a correct definition for it.

Any way I could not get a visa though my grades were good and every thing seemed perfect. They just said I did not convince them I would get back after my studies. Well! I did not lie, why would I want to?

In those days it was like a scape door for me from hell not just to earth but to heaven. I was in a bad family situation then and my family was in a big trouble for my brother. Today I am farewelling my brother’s children to study abroad. I am still in the same house which is not preferable yet. I hope they go after big things out there and chase their dreams in fresh air, whichstudent-visa.jpg

I could not.

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