The Eternal Edge

Well hello after a long time! I have good news and bad news. Good news is that I might be lucky to get a scholarship to study art history (Ph. D) at St Andrews University. The bad news is the path I and my boyfriend took to change our lives and follow our dreams separated... Continue Reading →

Start Off!

Me and my boyfriend have started learning German language. It seems quite hard specially for him as it's his first time learning a second language. For me as I know English and studied Russian seems a little bit more understanding. I'm thirsty for any new languages, it's like a challenging game for me and I... Continue Reading →

ART Habens: Contemporary Art Review

It was an amazing experience for me to have an interview about my artistic points of view in the London based online magazine ART Habens. I had the chance to be one the 9 chosen artists of this year special issue in a global contest. They were interested in my idea about an interactive installation¬†Everybody... Continue Reading →

Enjoying the Nature

I totally love herbals... I mean I love all things coming from plants, no matter what! I treat my home garden plants like pets, I pat them, sing for them and even talk to them ( you might think I'm crazy, but no one knows how my plants grow so green, well that's the secret).... Continue Reading →

When It’s All Done!

We (me and Arash) decided to spend the weekend peacefully and leave all the stress and pressure behind to start a new week. As usual nothing could delight us but visiting some good works in Art galleries or get far from the city and its killing noises in nature. It was already afternoon so we... Continue Reading →

After Being Away

After finishing the master of Arts and finishing a hard thesis, it feels like I have even more things to do now. Releasing the paper and having thoughts about continuing my education abroad are just two of them. The Spiritual in Art is a vast phenomena that although I am so eager to study that more it seems to be an endless path which makes it difficult for me to decide. Here I just mention some parts of the thesis that lit the path but also raised bigger questions for me.

All That Pain, All That Joy!

What is that makes us feel miserable or happy? I know there are certain answers in different fields of science and human studies for it but what I mean goes beyond that, or even inverse, is about an everyday life satisfying answer. What is that makes an old man's simple life in an oasis so... Continue Reading →


  Today for my niece and nephew is the day I had 15 years ago. The departure day... Though I never got to the gate! It was my dream to study abroad and I was always fascinated about the vast educational opportunities (I am kind of a girl excited about books, you should know) I... Continue Reading →

As an #Introvert

I love getting lost in my #thoughts, a #world so familiar that I can float in. But as the joy begins an alarm warns me "Is that really ok?" I remember my #childhood very well. I mean 5 years before entering school. It was amazing! I was always on my own playing in a big... Continue Reading →

Trying to Finish the Job

Still working on my thesis. It's killing me... Sometimes I get too excited about things I discover in foreign books that I can't focus and write them down. It's getting too long and exhausting. Sometimes I think I need to be somewhere else rather than home. It's even harder to be concentrated on paper at... Continue Reading →

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