After Being Away

Art as a Daily Life

It’s been awhile I’ve been away. The reason can be guessed by the previous notes that I was on my thesis. Yap! After a two-year hard work, confusion, hard work, wondering and again hard work it finished.

It was a hard time but enjoyable. Maybe I can use the word “tragic” as Mondrian uses it in his writings explaining the spiritual states he relates to the creation processes of an art work. By the word “tragic” he refers to the idea of suffering during spiritual developments of the soul, carings and a kind of austerity, which is also enjoyable as it results enlightenment. So… Let me begin the sentence again…

It was a “tragic” time of my life and I enjoyed it! I learned a lot. Actually I grew up like time was running not just passing. In two years my thoughts developed like it’s been five years. Not only I…

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ART Habens: Contemporary Art Review

It was an amazing experience for me to have an interview about my artistic points of view in the London based online magazine ART Habens. I had the chance to be one the 9 chosen artists of this year special issue in a global contest. They were interested in my idea about an interactive installation Everybody... Continue Reading →

When It’s All Done!

We (me and Arash) decided to spend the weekend peacefully and leave all the stress and pressure behind to start a new week. As usual nothing could delight us but visiting some good works in Art galleries or get far from the city and its killing noises in nature. It was already afternoon so we... Continue Reading →

      Previously I posted about a personal issue under the same image and I mentioned that I'd write about that interesting painting. So there it goes...   Ranson's costume is depicted by #Serusier which represents their #occult belief and gatherings in Ranson's #atelier, called #Temple. The circles on the necklace thing represent #zodiac signs and... Continue Reading →

Here I am writing about what ever goes on in my life and mind as an artist. Here you'll find personal issues, artistic concerns and also some articles about Art.

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