After Being Away

Art as a Daily Life

It’s been awhile I’ve been away. The reason can be guessed by the previous notes that I was on my thesis. Yap! After a two-year hard work, confusion, hard work, wondering and again hard work it finished.

It was a hard time but enjoyable. Maybe I can use the word “tragic” as Mondrian uses it in his writings explaining the spiritual states he relates to the creation processes of an art work. By the word “tragic” he refers to the idea of suffering during spiritual developments of the soul, carings and a kind of austerity, which is also enjoyable as it results enlightenment. So… Let me begin the sentence again…

It was a “tragic” time of my life and I enjoyed it! I learned a lot. Actually I grew up like time was running not just passing. In two years my thoughts developed like it’s been five years. Not only I…

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