Enjoying the Nature

I totally love herbals… I mean I love all things coming from plants, no matter what! I treat my home garden plants like pets, I pat them, sing for them and even talk to them ( you might think I’m crazy, but no one knows how my plants grow so green, well that’s the secret). Whenever we go to the nature, jungle, seaside, desert or so, I feel free, like I’m home at last. I feel the whole nature interacting with me. The breeze touching my face, winding in my hair, the smell of trees and woods, grasses, rain washing the soil… everything! Beside that I love all products of the nature, healing rocks, volcanic pumice, and every other things I know the local names and not in English. But the most amazing part is the herbal! Herbal teas and herbal baths.

Having a hot cup of herbal tea in my favorite cup (usually matching its color with the kind of tea I have) feels for me like attaching to my main home, the nature. I feel peace in all my cells.


Have you ever taken a herbal bath? If you have, you already know what pleasure it is! If not, I should start this over asking you “did you enjoy playing in mud as a kid?!!” I know that sounds crazy! No mother would let her child do that, but mostly we would not listen to them specially when they were away! Having a perfect fun herbal bath is almost like playing in mud. But this time it’s not mud. It’s different beautiful plants and flowers with extraordinary smells made into powder that you mix with water. You cover all over your body with the clay and after 1 or 2 minutes you wash it away. (OH! My God!!! Just an Earthquake happened! I didn’t even realize it! My boyfriend just called so nervous. I might’ve been busy typing! 5.2 Richter- Tehran. Any way everything seems OK!!! 🙂  ) Some people sink dried plants in their warm water tub. It’s more romantic with some candles on. But the herbal powder is more effective specially for healing or mask purpose. I love them both !

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