Start Off!

Me and my boyfriend have started learning German language. It seems quite hard specially for him as it’s his first time learning a second language. For me as I know English and studied Russian seems a little bit more understanding. I’m thirsty for any new languages, it’s like a challenging game for me and I have big motivation. What can be more exciting than speaking and understanding other nations’ languages? The more you learn, the more you feel close to them and understand their culture. I do not know how to explain my feeling, but it’s amazing! It seems less complicated than Russian but of course harder than English. There are a lot of similar words from them both. Just wish me luck 😉

We are at our early 30’s and we want to start off our life studying Arts in Germany. It’s a development quite a bit. I mean more than a bit if it all works out! It can sound crazy to some of you and may ask why should we risk so big? Some of you might say “another immigrant from Middle East to Europe, augh!” I do not know what you might think or say. It all began when I was studying for my thesis, I mentioned about this in previous posts After Being away. Something just kept telling me about something bigger and wider ’til I decided to continue my education somewhere that Art studies were supported and I could go for it so high and get enough of it and fulfilled. I feel there are a lot I should know, learn and do. And believe me no one likes to risk so big at this age and start off their life learning a hard language far away from home unless they have to. We both get scared sometimes which is normal. We have made some choices about what universities and schools to apply for, but we’re not quite sure yet. I just love Academy of Munich! And another thing is that I get so excited imagining that I will be able to read Kandinsky’s Concerning the Spiritual in Art in its original language someday. Let’s see what time will tell…


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  1. Heeeeey, why not France? 😉 I tried to learn German two years ago and it messed with my head. The way the gender of the nouns changes depending on the case or article (I can’t remember straight) made me feel absolutely hopeless.

    I hope it works out for you two, wherever you decide to settle.

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  2. So excited to hear you had a same experience. Did you study in France? Actually I don’t know if you were an international student there. I searched for different countries like USA, France and Britain but we could not afford the high expenses there as our currency price is much lower than theirs.It seems Germany can suit our budget more, but not quite sure about France. I learned that it costs much to study and live there, doesn’t it?
    Thank you for your beautiful words 🙂 It was such a warm comment

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    1. No, I haven’t studied in France, but you were saying you were a Francophile, so I thought it would have suited you better. Who knows, maybe once settled in Germany you can take the leap to France.


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