ART Habens: Contemporary Art Review

It was an amazing experience for me to have an interview about my artistic points of view in the London based online magazine ART Habens. I had the chance to be one the 9 chosen artists of this year special issue in a global contest. They were interested in my idea about an interactive installation¬†Everybody... Continue Reading →

Wassily Kandinsky (Things You Might Not Know)

As he has been for many of us, he's been a big inspiration for me. I know how much we read, study and tend to know there's still a lot left to know, but I learned A LOT from and about him studying for my thesis. He was not only a painter but a philosopher.... Continue Reading →

When It’s All Done!

We (me and Arash) decided to spend the weekend peacefully and leave all the stress and pressure behind to start a new week. As usual nothing could delight us but visiting some good works in Art galleries or get far from the city and its killing noises in nature. It was already afternoon so we... Continue Reading →

After Being Away

After finishing the master of Arts and finishing a hard thesis, it feels like I have even more things to do now. Releasing the paper and having thoughts about continuing my education abroad are just two of them. The Spiritual in Art is a vast phenomena that although I am so eager to study that more it seems to be an endless path which makes it difficult for me to decide. Here I just mention some parts of the thesis that lit the path but also raised bigger questions for me.

(A little about personal life, I'll write about this image later) It's been two years I'm working on my thesis. It's about modern painters' spiritualism. It's wonderful but vast. Though I omitted the Surrealists, I can't pull together all the the data, beside facing some extra ordinary facts that I couldn't believe and it took... Continue Reading →

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