When It’s All Done!

We (me and Arash) decided to spend the weekend peacefully and leave all the stress and pressure behind to start a new week. As usual nothing could delight us but visiting some good works in Art galleries or get far from the city and its killing noises in nature. It was already afternoon so we had only the first choice.

Not always you feel satisfied fooling around among different Art galleries on opening nights, trying to satisfy your aesthetic taste which still there is unknown domains to discover. Tonight wasn’t one of those unfortunate nights. We realized my favorite Art teacher and professor Dr. Mehdi Hossaini had exhibited his new works in a nearby gallery.

There we were… In the middle of “peace”, “harmony”, “intelligence” and a purified soul framed in art works the best way ever. Every inch of the works had a reason to be there. I remembered him once telling us his students: “Once you put a dot on a blank sheet, you are responsible about what it carries with.”

His works are not done all just in logic. He was the one who would talk about the secret sense that an Artwork carries, the underlying sparkled core -as I explain it- that comes from somewhere unknown, not even unconsciousness. Something mysterious but beautiful as even Carl Jung can’t explain it.

The exhibition was perfect. We didn’t want to leave. I could see how he had dropped all curtains around his pure soul, reaching self consciousness, mastered the techniques and at last making a beautiful harmony between his soul and the world outside in his Art. It was harmony which played the silent music between “microcosm” and “macrocosm” in his works.

After we left the gallery, we both were smiling and feeling easy. Then I thought to myself “that’s what Art should be!”, “reaching a state of self awareness, practice and master one’s technique, realizing what is ours and satisfies our soul, make a balance between our inner soul and the world out side, flow our soul in our Art… & CREATE!”


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