All That Pain, All That Joy!


What is that makes us feel miserable or happy? I know there are certain answers in different fields of science and human studies for it but what I mean goes beyond that, or even inverse, is about an everyday life satisfying answer.

What is that makes an old man’s simple life in an oasis so peaceful and satisfying? What really guarantees our happiness and satisfaction in life? All those fields we study in universities? All that money we make? Living in the most luxurious house? Perfect partner? Being healthy and wealthy in total? Spirituality? There are counterexamples for them all.

Has it ever happen to you to study your own life and yourself, analyze it all and try to see everything, including you, from different angles? Well, it does for me! I ask myself: “what is that exactly makes us feel happy and peaceful?”

We see people all around in many different situations and with different life styles. We know that none of those things we are said to do, or we think and the whole life we are trying to achieve and complete them do not guarantee our fulfillment in life. We can be rich and suffer every minute, we can live a very simple life and be happy. Imagine yourself like you are observing your own life from above, or look at everything with no background knowledge and memory about it as everything is so brand new to you. How is it now? Is it as beautiful and worthy as you thought it was?Or is it as boring and disappointing as you thought before?  The answer, everything that it is, won’t probably be “the same”. So why is that?

The answer put me go through psychological states of mind.  People with mental disorders, taking related medicines or ones using drugs, experience different moods and mental states which gives them different views about life and themselves. Though it is not natural and they suffer from side effects, it solves the problem or releases the mental pain. They feel much better for now and then, and about those under psychological treatments we should say they gain a much more healthier life. So what is all that pain we suffer from? What is that joy? Every time I face such analytical situation, I just tell myself : “All we suffer from is our minds!” So can we just relax, have a cup of coffee or tea and spend the moments in peace? Why is so hard sometimes?

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